EliteiQ by FAIRWAYiQ and taskTracker

Integrating the leading digital job board with the Golf's leading

real-time data collection system

First, sensors are attached on equipment units and a network antenna is installed on the property

Next, we assign and link all FAIRWAYiQ sensors in taskTracker

Finally, we collect real-time data and reports on labor management and equipment diagnostics

What does this mean for your operations?

FAIRWAYiQ and taskTracker are building the dashboard for the future. The integration of the two systems - being able to transfer real-time actuals against daily estimates - is marking a turn for useful technologies that Superintendents can leverage and become more efficient.

Helping Mechanics & Technicians service equipment better

Find out tasks are more efficient and which tasks need more resources to accomplish

Reporting metrics on dollars spent on tasks allow for better conversations between Superintendents and Ownership

GPS Mapping giving insight to equipment location and working time vs. travel times

In depth understanding of tasks, routes, and actual time to complete tasks

Equipment is added and tracked directly in the taskTracker job board via FAIRWAYiQ

CANBus Tier 4 Sensor data collection is being tested and looking to be rolled out in 2019